One Company, One Team, One Culture

April 24, 2024

Last month, leaders from draftPros and WT Group gathered for their first-ever combined Leadership Retreat. Held in Orlando, Florida, the company celebrated the achievements of 2023 and set sights even higher for 2024.  

Diversity, growth and change were three of the main themes discussed during the meeting. At one point during the initial icebreaker, attendees viewed a map stretching across the globe indicating everywhere each of them was born. Demonstrating the breadth of the company’s diversity, the map illustrated the broad distribution of company leadership serving different markets, different disciplines, and different areas.  

“We formed our partnership with WT Group one year ago and this event really solidified us all as one company, one team, with one culture,” said Karel Gomez, CEO of draftPros and WT Group.

Throughout the (3) day event, Practice Area and Department Head’s focused on building rapport, collaborating on shared projects and goals, and discussing the vision for the future. Gomez commented, “I truly felt like everyone involved was genuinely engaged and bonding with one another.”

Inspiration and collaboration also played a key role for the Company’s collective success as each in attendance explained their role to the group. With key factors including embracing diversity, growth, and the acknowledgment of change, the energy brought forth was palpable. “I am certain that the diversity, talent, ambition, and motivation of leadership will drive the company to exceptional results as we work as one to become the #1 A&E firm in the nation.  This past year has been about change.  We’re going to keep growing and we’re going to embrace it,” said Troy Triphahn, President, WT Group.

After three days of workshops, presentations, and team building, it is apparent that there is no replacement for spending time together, in person, with a common goal. “Ending with a team-building event, it was motivating to watch our teams have fun and get to know each other beyond email and virtual meetings. These are the moments when we see corporate siloes disappear and watch ‘One Company, One Goal’ become a reality,” Triphahn added.

Rene Fernandez, Chief Operating Officer, draftPros and WT Group added, “Our journey together has been remarkable, and as we forge ahead into 2024, let us remember that our greatest achievements lie not only in what we accomplish individually, but in the synergy of our collective efforts.”  

“As we innovate, collaborate, and lead the way towards unprecedented success, we are one team excited for what the future holds,” Gomez concluded.