Welcoming Eric Thompson, Director of Business Development

February 10, 2021

Eric brings with him a portfolio of more than 12 years of extensive experience and accomplishments in Outside Plant (OSP) fiberoptic design and engineering. His role will include helping the OSP Telecom division implement a suite of process improvements and client-service efficiencies that will drive additional business opportunities and become a model for other WT Group units.

The entirety of Eric’s professional career has been in the field of telecom fiberoptic engineering, design and consulting. After pursuing a course of study in landscape design in college, Eric took what he thought would be a short-term contract position with AT&T in Chicago putting his CAD training to work drafting fiberoptic applications for telecom. During what turned into a three-year engagement, his interest in the field bloomed.

“I discovered that I really liked it,” Eric said. “I realized I wanted to be a bigger part of a growing industry, helping to build the future of fiberoptic communications. It is a genuinely exciting field, especially with the growing application of 5G networks and supporting technologies coming online at a faster pace every day. I’m hooked!”

Following his engagement with AT&T, Eric worked in cable and telecom roles with large and mid-sized engineering firms, always focused on OSP assignments. Over the past several years, he transitioned from engineering and design of OSP contracts to management in operational and sales roles, with a focus on developing new business opportunities.

Eric sees joining the WT Group as an exceptional opportunity to leverage his extensive experience in fiberoptic design and engineering as well as a sales track record driving new business opportunities.

“Speaking from the perspective as a newcomer to the organization, the broad suite of design, engineering and consulting services offered by our divisions gives us the ability to take a client’s project from vision to execution across a broad range of disciplines,” Eric said.“For clients, we can do everything from permits to contractor for a single fixed price, saving the client money by using the WT Group as a sole vendor. We need to make sure that every client, whether existing or new, has a comprehensive view of all the services we can deliver.”

When not helping to build the future of telecom, Eric and his wife are kept busy with four children, ages 6-13. In addition to assignments across the U.S. over the past 12 years, the Thompson family spent time living and working in Montenegro in the Balkans and in Spain, providing the children with international perspectives that will no doubt shape their young lives for years to come. And recently, Eric became a published author of a novel titled “Letters to Kennedy,” available through Amazon. The story is a reflective, often humorous exploration of the meaning and importance of family.

Please join the WT Group in welcoming Eric to our dynamic and growing organization.