WT Group Spotlights Involvement in the Women’s Wireless Leadership Forum

May 11, 2020

At WT Group, we passionately value workplace diversity and encourage an inclusive environment where everyone has a voice at the table. We are proud to be a member of the Women’s Wireless Leadership Forum, or WWLF, which is a volunteer association for professional women in the wireless communications industry. The WWLF encourages members to share their expertise, network with other professionals, and expand career opportunities and knowledge both regionally and nationally. At a national level, there are three large conferences the WWLF is widely recognized at, in which WT Group participates: the Mobile World Conference, Connect(X), and the South Wireless Summit.

WT Group’s very own Leslie Freeman, Principal, Telecommunication Engineering, is the Central Regional Event Director for the WWLF. “Having been a part of WWLF for years now, I have not only been able to learn more about my industry but I’ve been able to market myself and WT locally and nationally,” Leslie shared. “What started off as signing up to educate, network, and better myself in the wireless industry, turned into making connections and amazing friends that I still have today. I’m proud of what WWLF has accomplished throughout the country, in women’s lives, and what it has provided for me personally.” 

Undoubtedly, the WWLF is truly devoted to the design and delivery of content in order to support women’s development in the wireless communication industry. One of the several resources provided by the WWLF includes their prominent Fellowship Award and Program. The overall mission of the Fellowship Award is to empower and inspire new women in the telecommunications industry that are seeking leadership development. The recipient of this award is paired with a Mentor for the duration of term. Ultimately, this allows deeper engagement within the wireless communication industry, close-knit mentorship opportunities to support the growth of new industry leaders, and facilitates opportunities for career and skillset growth through WWLF resources - all at no cost to the recipient.

This year, we are pleased to announce that WT Group’s very own CAD Tech, Aneta Karkula, was granted the Fellowship Award for 2020.

Aneta Karkula, 2020 Fellowship Award Winner
“I am so grateful for this opportunity and honor,” said Aneta.   “For me, this recognition is like ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’, to paraphrase the great Isaac Newton.  These giants are the successful women prospering in this industry and with their mentorship, I know I will gain even more confidence in my work and future in the Telecommunications industry.”

WT Group colleagues who are members of the WWLF include:

  • Kevin Cunnie | Principal-in-Charge, Telecommunication Engineering
  • Leslie Freeman | Principal, Telecommunication Engineering
  • Aneta Karkula | CAD Tech, Telecommunication Engineering
  • Katie Olesen | Project Manager, Telecommunication Engineering
  • Jeff Rempala | Principal, Telecommunication Engineering
  • Jackie Triphahn | Marketing