Kankakee High School


Kankakee, Illinois




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Civil Engineering

Project Description

Over the course of seven years, WT Group has worked with DLA Architects to complete a number of transformative projects dedicated to enhancing the educational environment at Kankakee High School. Our Civil Engineering team has been at the forefront of designing and implementing critical improvements to the campus, focusing on safety, functionality, and a modernized learning experience.

Project Highlights:

New Bus Drop-off Area:

  • Designed a dedicated area to separate student and parent drop-off, significantly improving on-site safety.
  • Constructed a new left turn lane on W. Jeffrey Street to maintain smooth traffic flow.

Classroom Additions and Remodeling:

  • Added four (4) classrooms and remodeled existing ones, enriching learning opportunities for students.
  • Eliminated the need for two (2) mobile classroom units on the site.

Cafeteria Remodeling and Addition:

  • Transformed the cafeteria into a modern space, enhancing the overall dining experience for students.

Fieldhouse Addition/Community Center:

  • Constructed a new 75,000 SF fieldhouse, serving both educational and community purposes.
  • Included day care classrooms, contributing to the holistic development of students.

Tennis Court Replacement:

  • Executed the replacement construction of five (5) tennis courts, providing state-of-the-art facilities for physical education and sports activities.

Stormwater Management Excellence:

Our commitment to sustainable engineering is evident in the rigorous stormwater management analysis conducted for the Kankakee High School project. Key aspects include:

  • XPStorm Software Utilization: Employed advanced XPStorm software for comprehensive site modeling, analyzing the existing and proposed drainage facilities of the entire site in a single model. This allowed the WT Group to design detention ponds 60% smaller than with traditional models, minimizing construction costs and land use while maintaining the performance of the overall system and insuring the safety of downstream properties.

At WT Group, we take pride in contributing to the betterment of educational institutions. The Kankakee High School project exemplifies our dedication to safety, functionality, and sustainability.

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