Michael Jordan’s Restaurant


Oak Brook, IL


Architect: DMAC Architecture, Owner: Cornerstone Restaurant Group




HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering, Scope Sprinkler Engineering Services

Project Description

WT Group provided HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and Scope Sprinkler Engineering services for the 8,500 square foot restaurant buildout.

Our Services On This Project Included:
  • Design Development
  • Construction Document
  • Construction Administration
  • Project Closeout

The New Restaurant Design Features:
  • Seating for more than 200
  • An open and Interactive Kitchen
  • Private dining
  • Outdoor dining, lounge and fire pit

The Mechanical System Incorporates:
  • Variable volume air system provides precise temperature control to the dining room area and private dining room
  • Kitchen exhaust system coordinated with dining room systems to maintain proper space pressurization through full range of operation.

The Plumbing System Incorporates:
  • The open kitchen concept required alternative and creative plumbing design for the waste, vent and water piping; as there are no walls to hide vertical piping for the 41 floor drains and floor sinks.
  • Utilizes a water heating system capable of 460 gallons per hour at 140ºF.

The Electrical System Incorporates:
  • LED lighting throughout
  • On bar wall TVs are integrated into frame screens
  • Combination USB port and normal receptacles for cell phone charring throughout restaurant
  • Electric heat under exterior umbrellas
  • Programmable dimming controls throughout

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