WT Group MEP practice now offers Fire Hydrant Flow Tests

October 8, 2021

By Joe Hainaut, Principal-In-Charge, MEP Engineering

A Fire Hydrant Flow Test measures the water pressure and flow rate of municipal water distribution systems. This test provides the following information:

  • Static pressure (psi) – The water pressure when water is not flowing
  • Residual pressure (psi) – The water pressure when water is flowing
  • Flow (gallons per minute) – The fire hydrant’s maximum flow rate

All fire protection designs/modifications require hydraulic calculations. Code requires a current flow test (within one calendar year) for hydraulic calculations.

The WT Group is able to provide fire hydrant flow testing during the design phase of a project.

Owners and contractors will benefit from current flow test data during the design phase, resulting in more accurate fire protection bids with reduced potential for change orders during construction.

Flow test data during the design phase will also aid WT’s plumbing engineering team, ensuring the specification of pumping equipment, if needed, guaranteeing a successful domestic water distribution design.